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 Wondering "what is a  Mobile Oil Change System?" We'll explain the general idea and tell you how we can help you save money on your system purchase...

Generally Mobile Oil Change service is operated from a van or trailer using special equipment often referred to as a "Mobile Oil Change system" or "Mobile Lube package". These systems consist of tanks for fresh oil and waste oil and some also for windshield wash fluid and antifreeze. They will have stub pumps or diaphragm pumps, hose reels and dispensing guns (sometimes called handles or nozzles). They will also have an air compressor to run the equipment.

Some systems will have oil evacuation kits to suck the oil out through the dipstick while others are the "pull the plug" to drain the oil. Both can be effective and it is really a matter of personal choice of which to use.

Some Mobile Lube equipment builders will provide jacks or ramps for lifting the vehicles, some prefer quick lift jacks, others (like us) prefer air bag jacks.

Some people prefer trailers like this one (the tiled floor was a nice touch)

Pumps, tanks, hosereels, all combined this equipment gives your business a professional image and makes your job quick & efficient!

Of course you will need other tools and supplies, oil filter wrenches, emergency spill kit, mats, jacks and so on, some builders provide some of this, others do not. In our "How to Start a Mobile Oil Change Business" manual we provide a complete list of "the tools of the trade" to help you make sure that you have everything you will need. We also offer a complete ready to use Mobile lube business plan.


To add to your speed it is helpful to have small bins or containers in or near the back to keep your tools, small bottles of fluids such as brake, transmission, grease and so on along with gloves, tire inflation tool, static stickers... all the things you'll need at hand.

We no longer build Mobile Oil Change systems ourselves, but in our "How to Start" manual we do provide you money saving coupons from some of the top mobile lube equipment system builders!

We also discuss the pros and cons of vans vs trailers, there are factors to consider to help make your decision as to which is the better choice for you.

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